Vastu Remedies, Vastu Remedy for Toilet in Wrong Direction, Storeroom in Wrong Direction, Stairs in Wrong Direction, Main Door in Wrong Direction

If you have any Negative toilets in your home or there are some Toilets in your house that are in the wrong direction or there are some Toilets sharing a common wall with pooja room or with the kitchen then this spray for negative toilets is very beneficial for such individuals or houses.

This “for store” spray is designed and developed in such a way that it removes the vastu flaws of storerooms located in the wrong direction as per vastu. This unique combination of varied ingredients serves as a positivity trigger and works its magic with timely usage. it enhances positivity in the storeroom and increases the favorable chances and advantages for the people residing in the premise.

This “For Stairs” Spray is beneficial, rather crucial for evolving positive vibes from the Staircase that is either located in the wrong direction as per Vastu Shastra or a Staircase, that just does not seem to work as per Vastu principles. There can be many many different types of flaws that a Staircase embodies. It might be anticlockwise, or it might be in the wrong direction.

This “For Main Door” Spray is very helpful for the Main door in the wrong direction or Wrong Entry in the Flat, It also Enhances positive Energy, is helpful in curing the ill effects of having the Main Door in the wrong direction.

This extraordinary spray has been charged to ward off all evil eyes and bring about positivity and happiness in your life. This Evil eye Saver spray has been conditioned to remove negativity and bring about favourableness and with optimum and consistent use it will bring about positive change in the larger and smaller aspects in the premise.

This Evil eye saver spray can be used in homes and in workplaces.

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