Vastu for Hospitals

Hospital is a place which provides medical services to the society. These types of institutions should be constructed according to the principles of Vastu. So that the diseased persons could have speedy recovery. Both doctor and patients are benefited. Hospitals get fame and name.

The land for the hospital should be square or rectangular as this kind of land gets magnetic force. The land which produces positive energy and magnetic force is very auspicious. The size of square land should not be bigger than 2:1 ratio as it reduces the effect of magnetic force. The main building of the hospital should be in South West direction. The front part of the hospital should be made in such a way that it should face east or North direction. Hospital gets famous very easily.

If the entrance door of the hospital is kept in East and North direction it is very beneficial. The arrangements of tube wells and bore wells should be done in lshan Kona of the hospital. A fountain, pond in north or east direction of the hospital brings progress and enhances the reputation. Hospital gets recognition at international level the slope of the land toward North or East” side is beneficial. The North east part of the hospital should be kept open. The South and West directions are beneficial for the construction of hospital building. The centre part of the hospital should kept open and clean.

Important Vastu Tips for Hospitals:

  1. Operation-theatre should be in the West, while lying on the stretcher, patient’s head should be on the south side. The doctor should operate facing East or North or west side but never to south side.
  2. The slope of the flooring should be towards North, East or Northeast sides.
  3. The middle portion of the hospital should be open to the sky. In case of any roof the ventilated roof should be 2 ft. to 3 ft. higher than the top floor roof.
  4. It should face the East possibly and the entry should be in the East or Northeast.
  5. An emergency case, or serious case should never be kept in the South-West corner room. Patient should be kept in North-West.
  6. The racks for medical books and medicines should be in the South or West.
  7. Parking should be done on the East or North sides.
  8. Drinking water should be kept in the Northeast.