The Five Elements

The human body is made up of Panch Mahabhoot Tatvas or Five Elements – Fire, Water, Air, Space and Earth. It is essential that these elements exist in harmony, both within and outside the body, so that we have a healthy body, a healthy mind as well as a peaceful environment.

Vastu as has been defined to be science of direction, it is a combination of five elements from the nature and cosmos that helps in maintaining the balance between man and material. The science has unified the five elements to convey their impact on our lives as a whole. The elements are:

  1. Earth
  2. Fire
  3. Water
  4. Air
  5. Space

If these elements are put to correct use they can bring prosperity, happiness and peace in the life of the person.

The Element of Earth

Earth is the third planet as per the solar system and thus acts as a big magnet consisting of both north and South Pole attracting the energies at a single point. The gravitational force and the magnetic field acting on earth impact everything, including living and non-living both. Earth is tilted by about 23 ½ at meridian on either of the sides for six months known as dakshinayan and uttarayan. As it rotates on its own axis from west to east it causes day and night.

Earth is the only element out of the five that is linked with five senses of sound, touch, taste, smell, and sight and thus have maximum influence on our lives. It is responsible for the firm nature, practicality, adaptability and methodical approach of the human. Prudence and tact come out of balanced earth element and proud and obstinate nature is due to excess earth element. Earth element is defined to be the magnetic field of the globe. The main characteristic of this element is sound, touch, form, taste, and quality.

The Element of Space

Space is the unending region remote from earth, where the whole galaxy exists. The effective forces are heat, light, waves, gravitational force and magnetic field.

Space is limitless and it related to our sense of hearing. In the structure space element is related to the centre portion. It is the vital source of comic energy and cosmic radiation. The element means cosmic energy and thus it is important that brahmasthana is kept clean, open and in light.

The Element of Air

As per the studies conducted, the atmosphere of the earth is about 400Kms deep and contains 21% oxygen, 79% nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide and other kind of gases, humidity, dust particles and vapour. Everyone is dependent on air to survive.

Our sense of sound, feel and touch widely relates to air. Air is a combination of many gases, where oxygen is for human beings and nitrogen supports plant lives which are responsible for generating oxygen.

Air is a representative of amiable, cheerful, neat, gentle, perspective and courteous human. Music, balance, art, expansion and extension are all characteristics of air. If element is imbalanced it may affect kidney, lungs and lead to heart disorders. It had been defined that none of the body part should be treated with iron when the controlling sign of the person is in the influence of moon. When moon is in Taurus and tonsil operation is carried out, it leads to increase in the air element and thus steams the rise of water element.

The Element of Fire

Fire relates to lightning, energy, volcanic energy, seasons and other related aspects of the solar system. Fire also symbolises passion, enthusiasm and spirited vigour. Sun being the most vital source to light, it is the soul of universe. Day and night on earth are the results of the movement of Sun in regards to movement of earth.

 Fire element is mainly related to the sense of touch, sound and sight. It would not have been possible to have life on earth without sun. An increase in fire element results to love of rashness and power. Fire element defines solar radiation and is influenced by sound, touch and form.

The Element of Water

Water is a representative of river, rain and sea and exists in form of liquid, ice and steam. Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen in two is to one ratio and is perfectly neutral in reaction. On this planet earth water is present only in certain proportion. Water is linked to sense of touch, taste, hearing and sight. Two-third of earth is covered with water and people under influence of water are likely to have varied emotions that include sociable nature, love of novelty, and fondness of home life, fanciful attitude, imaginative and flexible.

Such people under the influence of water are also defined to be lazy, slow, harmless, inoffensive and careless. If there is any imbalance in the element it leads to piles, cough and damp feet. The water element means gravitational attraction and indicates excess of water element. The main characteristics are sound, form, touch and taste.