Vastu for Beauty Parlour

The first wish of ‘every lady is to look beautiful and gorgeous. Many beauty parlours are working nowadays to fulfil this wish of their. Ladies wait for their turn and pay more in certain beauty parlours of a city, whereas in certain beauty parlours, which are conveniently located and equipped with all the modern facilities, rarely anybody goes. The Vaastu of a parlour plays an important role in the success of the same. A parlour constructed as per Vaastu becomes famous and earns lot. Hence the decoration of the parlour should be done as per Vastu only.

  • Beauty parlour should be made in a square or rectangular room. Do not use a room of irregular shape.
  • The main entrance of the parlour should be in east of the northeast zone, south of the southeast zone, west of the northwest zone or north of the northeast zone. Never keep the main entrance in the east of the southeast zone, south, west of the southwest zone or north of the northwest zone.
  • The level of the parlour should be even or lower in the north, east and northeast zone and higher in the south, west or southwest zone.
  • The place of worship and drinking water should be in the northeast zone. The washbasin should be in the east or north direction.
  • Mirrors should be placed on the walls of west or south directions. The sitting arrangements for the customers should also be in the same direction in such a way that they face south or west while sitting.
  • Almirah should be should be provided in the south or west direction to keep the appliances and cosmetics used in the parlour.
  • The massage table in the parlour should be in the west direction with an arrangement of keeping the head of the customer in the south and legs in the north direction.
  • The arrangement of steam for facial treatment should be done in the southeast zone. All other electrical appliances should also be kept in the southeast zone.