Vastu for Happiness

Vastu being science of direction also helps in achieving happiness, prosperity and peace in life. One should follow few of the principles recommended by Vastu for happy life.

  • The entrance of the house should be in East or North.
  • The east and north direction should be kept clean to let positive energies flow inside the house.
  • North east side should be kept open and there should be some water source in the direction like pipe or fountain.
  • Head of the family should have South West bedroom for taking better decisions.
  • Maximum windows should be towards the East and west should have least windows.
  • Kitchen should be towards the South East direction.
  • South and West should not be extended and East and North can be extended.
  • Mirrors that are exposed should be covered.
  • There should not be any construction at the centre of the house.
  • Marriageable daughter should live in North West bedroom.
  • Children while studying should face North or East and the study table should not be rested towards the dead wall.