Fraud in the Name of Vastu Shastra

I am an advanced, qualified, dynamic & scientific Vastu consultant using many scientific meters, sensors, scanners & other energy detecting tools. These are the parts of technical & scientific Vastu. Often I address large audience in Vastu seminars, meet various Vastu believers & consultants & do discuss Vastu in modern context whole heartedly. It is good to tell that they are receptive to modern means of Vastu auditing. I appreciate it & encourage it.

BUT It is very surprising that few Vastu consultants claim to be very senior, experienced & international level Vastu consultants BUT looking at their backward approach & superstitious ways they look to be still wandering in ancient era & operating on the very old traditional Vastu methods whereas in modern time each client wants to know the authenticity of each Vastu tenet & asks the logical presentation. In such a situation those so-called self styled Vastu consultants fail to stand to satisfy the client… ON the other hand they do not shirk criticizing the dynamic, scientific & logical Vastu consultants who are far advanced & living in scientific era. Such scientific Vaastu consultants are reliable, true & logical because they can check each Vastu vibration with the help of sensors, scanners & various meters. It means the traditional consultants should not use hi-fi figures & numbers to attract the clients by saying they are operating in 64 Vastu Deity zones, 81 Vastu energy zones & 27 Nakhshatras. Those Vastu consultant do not know that these too many numbers, names of deities, Devi, Devta, Griha, Planets etc are only JARGON to show that Vastu is very complicated … nothing else whereas the vibes, values & role of all these has become very simple in scientific language, Therefore I always suggest Vastu consultants to be more scientific so that we may be more logical & more authentic. They should not criticize science & technology. If he does so, his image automatically goes down in the views of modern & qualified society.