Vastu for Industrial Land

The plot for the factory should be right-angled or rectangular (1 :2) in shape. The plot should not be of irregular shape in any condition. The south-west zone should be of 90°. The boundary wall and building of the factory should also be right-angled or square in shape.

  • The factory should be constructed or purchased on a place with deep pits, pond and river in the north-east zone and mounds and hillocks in south-west zone. A factory on such a location will be a boon for you.
  • Never construct or purchase a factory in such a place that has high buildings, hills, rocks or big trees such as Pipal or Banyan tree in its north-east zone and deep pits, pond and river in south-west zone. The factories in such places close down due to various problems and financial loss.
  • Do not construct factory building on a place or near a place that has big trees of long roots like- Pipal and Banyan tree. Their roots may damage the building.
  • Do not construct a building on a place with big drain especially a dirty drain. The bad smell from such drains makes the working difiicult and the workers face health problems.
  • Do not construct a factory on a plot with electricity wires over it. The electromagnetic waves, which are quite dangerous, affect the health of those living there. The factory should not be constructed on a plot near a high-pressure transformer.
  • The compound wall of the factory and the north-east zone of the factory building should not be. cut, depressed or rounded. This gives losses and at last the factory is closed. It is auspicious if this direction of the plot is increased.