Vastu Courses

The International Research Institute of Occult Sciences (IRIOS) is an officially registered trust under the Indian government, offering various courses in occult sciences. The organization’s main mission is to eradicate fear and uncertainty among students interested in learning occult disciplines such as Vastu, but unsure of how or where to begin.

IRIOS provides a supportive learning environment where each student is valued and individually guided. The organization’s mentors are not just passionate but also committed to ensuring a thorough understanding of the subjects taught. They make it their priority to fill in any knowledge gaps that may occur during the learning journey. One distinguishing feature of IRIOS’s mentors is their relentless determination to deliver an unparalleled learning experience and their unwavering pursuit of set goals.

Course Material: All students receive chapter-by-chapter study materials accompanied by question papers in PDF format. After your responses are submitted, the subsequent module will be dispatched immediately.

Grading: Marks and grades will be assigned based on your responses to the question papers.

Queries: Should you have any queries throughout the course, feel free to reach out to Dr. Kunal Kaushik via email, Whatsapp, or call.

Course Completion: Upon successful completion of each course, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from our institute.

Language: All courses are offered in English and Hindi, catering to a broad spectrum of students.

Accessibility: All of our online courses are globally accessible, making learning convenient no matter where you are.

Basic Vastu Course (Level 01)

The introductory course in Vastu Shastra is the essential first step in the comprehensive Vastu Shastra curriculum. This basic course is accessible to beginners, students, or homemakers with a modicum of spare time and a foundational level of intellect.

Advanced Vastu Course (Level 02)

This course represents the second milestone in a student’s exploration of the Vastu Shastra curriculum. It offers an even more enlightening experience for anyone keen on deepening their understanding of Vastu Shastra.

Professional Vastu Course (Level 03)

This Vastu course marks the third stepping stone in the full spectrum of Vastu courses available at our institute. It serves as a pivotal training ground for emerging Vastu consultants aiming to carve out successful careers in the field.

Remedial Vastu Course (Level 04)

The remedial Vastu course stands as the final stage in our series of Vastu courses at our institute. This course is particularly advantageous for individuals eager to explore contemporary applications of Vastu principles.