Residential Vastu Shastra

Vastu -Shastra is a Vast and ancient science of living. The word Vastu is derived from the root “Vas” which means “to reside”.

It is not an equivalent of the word architecture. Vastu is architecture and much more. While architecture is the science, art or profession of designing and constructing buildings, etc., the definition of Vastu extends into the realm of occultism. Vastu Shastra, the edifice science of Bhawan Sthapatya Kala, being the applied aspects of ATHARVAVEDA, is an ancient science and one of the eminent features of our heritage.

Vastu means the dwelling of Humans and Gods in the original Sanskrit literature.

Many factors govern the life of a human being; his fate, Karma and surroundings. BUT VASTU CAN MAKE SWEET THINGS SWEETER AND BITTER LESS BITTER.