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The “For Main Door” Spray is very helpful for the Main door in the wrong direction or Wrong Entry in the Flat, It also Enhances positive Energy, is helpful in curing the ill effects of having the Main Door in the wrong direction.

It is also helpful in the Main door opening anticlockwise, Negative Entry in Flats, South East Entrance, South Facing House (Main Entrance in South), South-west Facing House (Main Entrance in South-west Direction), West Facing House (Main Entrance in West).

You can also use this spray to enhance positivity and it is especially helpful in those cases where the Main Entry is in an incorrect direction as per Vastu, which is very commonly seen in flats and apartments these days. Due to the fact that a lot of times, homes come pre-constructed and there is little that one can do in order to make it Vastu friendly. In the case of flats and apartments, one can make small changes inside the house but it is next to impossible to change the direction of the Main Door / Main Entry. This is where the “For Main Door” Spray comes handy.



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