Why Energy Scanning is Important in Vastu

Vastu shastra is an age old science which is done the traditional way by Vastu consultants till today. There have been a lot of new inventions and findings in this science which the traditional Vastu experts have not followed and they are still practicing the old and conventional ways of doing Vastu. Nowadays, a lot of new and improved methods of doing Vastu Shastra have evolved which include energy scanning and working with the various forms of energies. Energies play a great role in determine the fate of the premise in the near future.

Now the question arises, how the energies play such a great role in Vastu scanning. The answer to this lies in the fact that energies cannot be ignored. When we enter any house, shop or building the first thing that greets us over there is the energy of the building.

Thus the first impression of any premise is marked by the energy of the premise.