Vastu for Industry

Industries are the backbone of a nation’s economy. Industrial growth reflects not only the financial health of a nation but also provides a source of livelihood for millions. The happiness or otherwise of owners, workers and staff depends on the strength and growth of the industry. The main aim of any type of industry be it a large scale industry or a small scale industry — is to manufacture different items and earn profits. The performance of an industry affects the owner, shareholders and the workers alike. So, the layout of a factory has to be planned carefully.

You will find more than 75% industrial units closed if you visit any industrial area of India. Out of these 10 to 15% would be closed after construction of building and machine erection. Rest 25% industrial units are running in loss. I have had opportunities of Vaastu consultation for many sick or closed industrial units in the country and abroad. I have seen significant Vaastu defects in all the closed units. The industrialists who had corrected the Vaastu defects got excellent results.

If any industrial unit is constructed as per Vaastu principles or the Vaastu defects of a sick unit are corrected, then certainly excellent results are seen. The owner and his employees progress well.

lt has been observed that in spite of following best management techniques and providing everything necessary for proper functioning of the industry, industries fail. in spite of providing the best for the manpower, adopting best HRD principles, there are strikes or key personnel move to rival concerns. Financial institutes give loans worth crores to these industries yet the number of sick industries is increasing. lt is observed that people spend huge amounts on preparing a project report and huge expenses are incurred on architecture and construction, not to forget expenses on plant and machinery. But unfortunately only the superficial principles are considered and Vastu guidelines are more or less ignored. ln fact, adherence to Vastu guidelines can safeguard against various problems. lt has been observed that trouble has multiplied and major losses accrued or disputes have cropped up after adding a patch or land to existing factories. In fact, non-compliance to Vastu principles is the common factor among many sick industries.

lt is said that a machine, by itself cannot produce a good product—it is the man behind the machine. Coordinating the machine and the manpower is an important step in running an industry. Vastu plays an important role by forming a rhythm between the process and the flow. The aim of Vastu Shastra is a delicate and sensitive fine-tuning of the balance between the five elements in our external and internal spaces. industries and factories planned and constructed according to Vastu are successful and generate profits. Friendly Vastu has a positive effect on the work atmosphere, quality of work, quality of production, productivity and profitability. In Vastu-perfect establishments, solutions are found easily for small problems cropping up from time to time. In contrast factories, Mills and industries which are not constructed as per Vastu principles are always facing labor, financial or other problems. Vastu has the power to give your factory/Industry a chance to bounce back to health and be prosperous.