Vastu for Health

The center of the house, workplace as well as that of each and every room is very important as it is connected with health and is considered to be the heart of the house or workplace. This is the meeting point of all the energies from different directions. If you or any of your family members face health problems, check the brahmasthan and observe certain precautions.

Brahmasthan should not be depressed. Heavy objects, wells, lifts, stairs, and toilets are totally prohibited in the brahmasthan. If it is depressed or there is a pit or it is dirty, it may cause loss of mental balance, stress, and insanity amongst the inmates. A well in the brahmasthan may lead to health problems for the house owner and affect prosperity. According to Manasara, a temple can be made in the brahmasthan of the house. You can have a courtyard in the brahmasthan preferably open to the sky, which can be used as a get-together for the family members. For small houses, have the living-room/ hall in the brahmasthan.

A staircase at the exact center of the house would lead to health problems. Check to see that there isn’t any heavy furniture at the center. Make sure that there are no overhead beams running through the center. Attention should also be paid to the east and south-east, as these directions are also connected with health. It is essential to keep the central area or the brahmasthan clear of all heavy concrete structures.