Vastu for Windows

Windows are best while placed opposite to the door as they complete a positive cycle. This brings in happiness in the family. If the doors are wrongly placed then door should not be to the opposite of the door as it may bring in unhappiness. Ventilators are important part of the windows which are useful in toilets, bathrooms and godowns.

The windows are mostly transparent or translucent and open to the doors or walls to ensure light, air and sound in the house. Windows are mostly gazed in some translucent material like float glass. Windows are opened to allow ventilation and closed to exclude weather.

Windows to the north wall towards Northeast should be lengthy and wide. This ensures air from northeast coming to north flows into the house. This air will develop energy and other related power. The windows to the East towards north east should also be lengthy and wide. To allow air from north east towards east will flow in the house. Air, sunlight and light bring in positive energy into the house.

Windows should not be to the south west direction as it may be harmful for the residents. As Vastu is science it has described properly that windows should be positive in number and odd number should be avoided. This was the calculation for past when houses were made of mud, but as they are made of cement these days one can have any count of windows.

Bigger windows are considered to be best towards East, North, North East and medium size windows are recommended towards South East and North West areas and small windows are considered best in south and west directions and windows should be avoided to the south west.

Wooden windows are considered best for thermal resistance but are difficult and costly to maintain. Steel windows are best suited as they are durable and available at low cost and require less maintenance.