Vastu for Study Room

Study room is the place where you need a lot of peace to concentrate and any kind of vibration can create problem while concentrating and the incorrect placement of books and tables will not let knowledge and peace get into the room. The guidelines to be followed are as follow:

  • The room should be to the east, north or north east direction of the room.
  • Student should face north or east while studying.
  • The beam should not be running over the room.
  • The room should be kept clean and one should not face empty wall or windows while studying.
  • There should not be any toilets in the study room, but bathroom will do.
  • The book rack should be constructed on southern or western wall.
  • The book shelf should not be above the study table.
  • The study table should be square or rectangle in shape.
  • The proportion of length and width of table should be 1:2
  • There should be images of Goddess Saraswati or Lord Ganesha in the room.
  • The table should be 3-4 inches away from the wall.
  • Pyramid can be placed near the table to increase positive energy.
  • The pendulum watch should be placed on North wall.
  • The large window should be in the east and smaller window should be in the west.
  • Light colours should be used to increase learning power.