Vastu for Store Room

Storeroom is meant to keep junk in the house, so it should be constructed in the manner that it does not increase junk things. The principles to be considered while deciding the store room are:

  • Store room should be constructed in North West portion of the house.
  • The door can be in any direction except south west and the door should have two shutters.
  • The height of the room should be more than other rooms and windows should be in west and east direction.
  • The colour for the room should be while, blue or yellow.
  • Image of Lord Vishnu should be on the Eastern wall.
  • If there is provision for water in the room it should be in vessel or pitchers.
  • Oil, Gas, Ghee and gas cylinder etc should be stored in South East corner.
  • There should not be any empty container in the room.
  • No one should sleep in the store room as it tends to bring obstruction in the sleep of the person.