Vastu for Stairs

Staircase is the basic need for the houses having number of floors and thus there are tips and guidelines suggested by Vastu to be followed while constructing staircase.

  • The stair that are from outside the house can be placed in southeast direction facing East, northwest direction facing North, southwest direction facing west or southwest direction facing west.
  • The stairs should be from North to South or east to west.
  • The number of stairs should be odd and they should never end with zero.
  • The count of vertical stairs should also be odd and when divided by three the remainder should be two.
  • The circular staircase should be avoided as they bring heath problems and the staircase encircling the building may lead to calamities.
  • The room having staircase to the southwest corner are not considered good and people living in such room may suffer from problems like high blood pressure, anaemia or undiagnosed diseases.
  • There should be door at the beginning and end of each staircase and the stairs should not touch the north or east walls.
  • The staircase should not be visible to the visitors as they are considered to be inauspicious.
  • Broken stairs should be repaired as they may lead to accidents.
  • Rooms such as kitchen, bathroom or temple should never be constructed under staircase.
  • If there is a linear staircase it should be from North to South or East to west.
  • The staircase should have light colours and shades of red and black should be avoided.