Vastu for Pooja Room

The room is meant for meditation and brings in positive energies into the house and so should be constructed very carefully. If the room is in no direction you cannot meditate or concentrate in the room, no matter how hard you try. The rules to be followed while constructing the room are:

  • The temple should be to the East, North or North East side.
  • The face of the person should be towards north or east while praying.
  • There shouldn’t be any idols in the room but if you have any they should be no longer than 9” and nothing less than 2”.
  • Nothing should be stored where the idol of God is faced.
  • The room should not be adjacent to bedroom wall or situated in the bedroom.
  • No one should enter the temple without washing hands and legs.
  • Copper vessel should be used where water is collected.
  • No triangular pattern of God should be drawn in the Temple.
  • The colour of wall should be lemon, white, light blue etc and marble should never be used.
  • The doors and windows should be to North or East.
  • The Agnikund should be towards the South East direction of the temple.
  • Lamp stand should be towards the South East corner.