Vastu for Parking / Garage

Parking areas have become important for parking cars and keeping them safe. As per Vastu proper parking area should be designed to assure safety.

  • The vechile should be parked in the North-West direction or South-East direction of the plot.
  • While you select North-West direction it makes you travel a lot and brings success in life.
  • The parking should never to the North East direction.
  • If the parking is to the South West the vehicle will require continuous repair and will not come much out of the parking.
  • In case parking is towards South or West your vehicle may become prone to fire attacks.
  • If the parking is in the basement it should be either in the East or North direction.
  • The floor of the parking should be sloping towards North or East.
  • The parking should not be touching the compound wall as you will have to raise the wall for parking and that will cut the light source.
  • Colours suitable for parking are white or bright colours.
  • The vehicle should be parked with front facing the North or East as North facing vehicle are auspicious for business and person will get good deals. The East facing vehicles are great for diplomats, administrators, politicians and government officers.