Vastu for Guest Room

According to Indian culture it is important to welcome and honour the guest in the best possible way. They should be entertained in the manner that they leave the home happily and wish to visit again. They are compared to God and thus their presence brings happiness in the life of the residents. There are certain guidelines stated by Vastu that are needed to be followed while designing the Guest room.

  • The guest room should not be to the South west of the house because the direction is used for the room for head of the family.
  • The guest room should be in the North West direction of the house.
  • It can also be constructed in South direction, but consulting a Vastu expert is a better choice.
  • If the guest room is to the North then bathroom can be constructed in Nairuthi corner.
  • If the room is in North the windows should be on the northeast corner, towards North direction or can be in West direction as well.
  • If the room is in the South corner than windows should be one the Southeast wall.
  • In regards to door North east door facing east direction, south east door facing south direction, North east door facing North direction and north west door facing west direction are all good choices.