Vastu for Garden

These days most the houses have gardens and in buildings they have become compulsory provision. Vastu for the house is now also concentrating on the Vastu for garden and thus there are guidelines that one must remember.

  • The garden should be within the compound wall and to the North or West of the plot.
  • Coconut trees and banana trees are considered to be auspicious.
  • There should not be any large or tall trees to the centre of the garden.
  • If the garden is to the centre of the house than water fountains should be avoided. Fountains should be planned only when the garden is to the side and they should be placed in North East corner.
  • Huge sculptures in the gardens should be placed to the south, west or south west of the garden.
  • There should not be any thorny plants in the garden as they bring in negative vibes. Try to have sweet smelling plants and flowers in the garden.
  • Plant a new plant only during the day time.
  • Plants like neem, coconut, sandalwood, lemon, amla etc are considered good.