Vastu for Drawing Room

North West Location: This location as symbolizes element of air is the not a preferable location for the drawing room, it avoids late night parties, get together etc. The quadrant indicates movements and thus makes the guest restless and thus makes them leave.

North East Location: It is the best location for the drawing room as it brings in positive energy and mental peace.

North Location: The direction assures wealth and health and brings in positive ambiance and energies.

South-West Location: This direction attracts guest as it makes a person feel like home. Thus the direction is good for the occupants.

Tips for Drawing Room

  • Do not have beam running along the ceiling of the room as it may lead to mental stress.
  • Colour of wall should be white or green as it assures togetherness and affection.
  • Light curtains should be used in North East wall and heavy ones on South-West walls.
  • Keep a space open to the north-east corner of the room.
  • Have air conditioner in the South East direction.
  • Having paintings depicting beauty of nature to spread positivity in the room.
  • Never have artificial flower as they are considered inauspicious.
  • Seat your guest in the North-West portion to allow wind movement.