Vastu for Couple Bedroom

Couples should live in the ambiance that can strengthen the relationship and the bond between the couple. Stress in the room can affect the bond between the couples. So Vastu suggests there should be guidelines to be followed while constructing the couple’s room to keep peace in relationship.

  • The room should be located in the South West or North West corner of the room.
  • North West is best for the non-elderly couple and Southwest is best for an elderly couple.
  • South East corner should be avoided as it may lead to quarrel and clashes.
  • The couple should sleep with their head to south and feet to the North.
  • There should not be any exposed mirror in the room.
  • The television screen, computer screen, and other mirrors should be covered when not in use.
  • Any size of the mirror in front of the bed or on the sides of the bed should be avoided.
  • Fresh flowers should be placed in the room to spread fragrance and positive energy.
  • The room should not be in the North East corner as this direction is for the temple in the house and the room in this direction can bring undesirable results and affect the health of couple, even leading to death.
  • There should be bright and light colorur in the room to extend understanding between the couples.