Vastu for Children Room

When it comes to children parents are mostly concerned about their success in life and career. They want to assure that their children do not put themselves into bad habits and become idol citizens. Vastu and directions of their rooms may have a vast impact on their lives. There are few guidelines to help in the construction of the children’s room:

  • West is the most preferable direction for construction of children’s room.
  • Bed should be in the South West portion of the room, it gives them sound sleep and with the head towards south or east direction brings peace of mind.
  • The door of the room should not face the bed.
  • South West direction is suggested for furniture.
  • The furniture should be at least 3” away from the wall.
  • Cabinets should be placed in West or South direction.
  • Do not place any mirror in front of the bed.
  • Study table should be facing North, East or North-East.
  • Study area should be clean to ensure concentration and new ideas.
  • Brush the room with blue or green hues to add freshness in room.
  • Doors are best in East or North directions.
  • Green colour is best suited in the children’s room as it symbolises peace and freshness and thus increases brain power.