Vastu for Bedroom

Bedroom in the north: This direction is ideal for young couples and also for storing valuable stuff, important papers and jewelry items etc.
Bedroom in North East: This space is considered to be sacred space of the house any bedroom in this direction should be avoided.
Bedroom in East: The direction is best for unmarried children.
Bedroom in South East: The direction is quadrant of fire and brings hot temperature to the occupants, it also leads to quarrels between children and couples and also put the person into debt, thus the direction must be avoided for construction of the room.

Bedroom in South or South West: The direction is perfect for the master bedroom and should be held by the head of the family. The room must be larger than the rest of the rooms. In the case of a multi-storied building, the room should be on the top floor. 
Bedroom in West: The direction is best for students. But it increases the chances of having a girl child as well.
Bedroom in North West: The direction best suited for newly married couples.

Guidelines for bedroom

  • Bedroom to the South east direction should be strictly avoided. But if there is already a room then the bed in the room should be away from south east corner and should sleep with head towards south and feet towards north to nullify the effects.
  • Bathrooms in the rooms should be to the west or north of the bedroom. The door to the bathroom should always remain closed.
  • The colour of the wall should be light like light shades of rose, green or blue. Master bedroom and guest room should be with shade of blue for peaceful sleep. Marble stones should be avoided in the room of newly married couples.
  • The walls should have attractive wall hangings to wake up with positive energy.
  • Heavy objects like bed, cupboards etc should be placed in South, West or South West direction of the room and bed to the centre of the room should be avoided.
  • Mirror should not be inside the room as it may lead to quarrels and misunderstanding between the couples. However if required it can be placed on the North East wall.
  • It is best to sleep in South or East direction for deep sleep and enlightenment. Windows should not be there behind while sleeping.