Vastu for Bathroom

Bathroom if constructed in wrong direction can bring problems in regards to health and finance. There should be strict guidelines to be followed to maintain harmony in the house.

  • Bathroom should be in the East portion of the house.
  • Pipes should be constructed in North-East direction.
  • The toilet should be to the West or North West side of the building.
  • Taps and showers should be on the northern wall.
  • Geyser should be in the south east corner.
  • Bathtub should be placed in the West portion of the bathroom and washbasin should be to the North East.
  • Windows and ventilators should be in north and east direction.
  • Soothing colours should be used on bathroom walls.
  • Mirror should be on the east wall.
  • Almirah should be on the south west side.
  • The slope in the bathroom should be to the north or east to allowing drainage of water to northeast side.
  • The best direction for washing machine is south east or north west.