Professional Vastu Course (Level 03)

The third phase in our series of Vastu courses represents a critical juncture in our structured learning pathway. This Professional Vastu course is instrumental for emerging Vastu consultants who are fervently working towards becoming successful in the field. Additionally, it offers established Vastu consultants an avenue to deepen their understanding, exploring the newest theories and intricate details emerging in the realm of Vastu Shastra.

We encourage every student who has embarked on this learning journey with us to aspire to excel in this course, as it is pivotal to fostering success in the Vastu consultancy field.

What to Expect:

The professional course takes a deep dive into a plethora of essential topics, beginning with an introduction and background on the prerequisites and essentials for a Vastu Shastra professional. The course encompasses meticulous details on various crucial aspects including, but not limited to:

  • Drawing room dynamics
  • Kitchen orientations
  • Bedroom layouts
  • Staircase designs
  • Study areas
  • Business premises considerations

We further explore the Vastu implications of mirror placements in homes and offices, ensuring a holistic understanding of harmony factors involved in Vastu design. The curriculum culminates with an insightful segment on the modern lifestyle Vastu, emphasizing maintaining a mental, social, and physical balance through strategic Vastu applications.

Course Details:

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Mode: Online
  • Fee: INR 34,000/- (USD 550)


Students will receive detailed chapter-wise reading materials in PDF format, inclusive of question papers. Upon receipt of your answers, the succeeding module will be sent to you promptly.


Grades and marks are allocated based on the answers submitted in the question papers, facilitating a comprehensive assessment of your understanding.


For any queries throughout the course, Dr. Kunal Kaushik is accessible via email, WhatsApp, or a phone call to assist you.


A certificate of completion awaits every student who successfully navigates through the course, recognizing your dedication and understanding of the comprehensive material covered.


Our courses cater to a broad audience with availability in both English and Hindi languages.

Our online courses hold a global presence, allowing Vastu enthusiasts worldwide to enhance their knowledge and skills from anywhere in the world.

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