Decoding the Universal Aura Scanner: Insightful Investigations

Join us on a journey as we break down the mechanics, promises, and truths of the Universal Aura Scanner.

Geopathic Stress – Geopathic Stress Detecting at House

geopathic stress – geopathic stress line.

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But here are some of the First stage of Geopathic Stress symptoms

I have received a large number of queries regarding Geopathic stress. I have been researching this topic for a long time and have come to the conclusion that the level 3 of geopathic stress, which is the highest level has been found in only 2 to 3 places. These days, Vastu consultants are befooling the common people by using the term geopathic stress in a very negative manner. some even claim that they can remove geopathic stress from a given premise on phone itself, which is untrue. it is not possible to cure the geopathic stress of a given place without even visiting the premise. therefore, one should beware of these hoax Vastu consultants who are only trying to sell some sort of rods that claim to rectify the premise of geopathic stress. level 1 of geopathic stress can be found in many places in the world like Dubai and many other countries but it is not harmful to the inmates of the premise. level 3 of geopathic stress is less common and is supposedly the most dangerous form of geopathic stress.

About Dr. Kunal Kaushik (Scientific Vastu Shastra Consultant and Expert)
Dr. Kunal Kaushik is a very well-known name in Vastu Shastra. He is one of the highly qualified Vastu Consultants in India. There are many Vastu Experts who propagate Superstitious practices but Dr. Kunal Kaushik is anti-superstition and pro-Scientific Vastu Expert. He is an avid supporter of Vastu without Demolition which simply means putting Vastu practices to work without demolishing any part of the premise Building. He is aware of all the newest ways of Vastu Shastra and there is a plethora of knowledge within him. He is the true embodiment of the modern Vastu Consultant who is brimming with knowledge about the latest and newest technical Vastu Shastra practices. Everything that is known to him as well. There is definitely nobody across the world who can come at par ‘with him in his unmatched knowledge’ unrivaled experience and unprecedented wisdom in his field.

He uses more than 12 Scientific Vastu Scanners, Sensors and Instruments for Vastu Consultation. He is the only Vastu Expert who promotes “Zero Superstition Vastu”. He is the only Vastu Consultant who uses ACESS technology for Premise Aura Scanning. He also checks and cures more than 18 types of radiations, negative energies and stress like Electromagnetic Radiations, Earth Energy, Parallel Radiations, Telluric Energy, Diagonal Field, Cosmo Telluric Channel, Cardinal Points, Global Field, EMW, Geopathic Stress, etc. He also practices Feng Shui with Instruments.
He has won more than 28 Awards, Gold Medals and Certificates in Vastu, Feng Shui, and Aura.
Dr. Kunal Kaushik is the only Vastu Consultant in the World who follows the guidelines of many International organizations like WHO, IGBC, USEPA, MNRE, GRIHA, etc for Vastu Consultation.

You Can Also Consult with Dr. Kunal Kaushik. He provides Online Vastu Advice and On-Site Vastu Visits all over the World. Dr. Kunal Kaushik has Visited more than 40 Countries including Dubai, Canada, London, Scotland, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Egypt, South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, France, Italy, etc.

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Dr. Kunal Kaushik provides Vastu Consultation for all types of premises like Vastu for Home, Vastu for Office, Vastu for Shops, Vastu for Factory, Vastu for Industry, Vastu for Hotels, Vastu for Restaurants, Vastu for Hospitals, Vastu for Schools, Vastu for Malls, Vastu for Commercial Complex, Vastu for Warehouse, Vastu for Manufacturing Units, Vastu for flats, Vastu for Plots, Vastu for Villas, Vastu for Showroom.