For Toilets – Remedy for Toilets in the Wrong Direction

If you have any  Negative toilets in your home or there are some Toilets in your house that are in the wrong direction or there are some Toilet sharing a common wall with pooja room or with the kitchen then this spray for negative toilets is very beneficial for such individuals or houses. This spray is very important for those toilets that are posing a negative threat to the individuals living in the house or using that particular toilet. This spray is a boon for all sorts of negative toilets that give negative energy to the residents of the premise.

This spray is also very useful in those toilets with the fittings in the wrong direction, Like Toilet Seat in the wrong direction, Showers and taps in the wrong direction, Washbasin in the wrong direction, etc.

Wrong Toilets can be in the North, North – Northeast, Northeast, East – Northeast, East, East – Southeast, Southeast, South – Southeast, Southwest directions. These directions can pose a very major threat to the residents of the building and can be hazardous to the health of the individuals as well.

Toilet Sharing the same wall with Kitchen or Pooja Room can also be a negative aspect of the premise.

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