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International Research Institute of Occult Sciences is a registered trust under the government of India wherein there are occult courses for students who wish to learn any of the many occult sciences. The motto of this trust is to bring about awareness amongst the students who are apprehensive about learning various occult sciences like Vastu but are unsure of where to start and whom to approach. This is one place where every single student is given individual attention and access to approach the mentors with ease so as to decrease the risks involved in the process. The mentors are extremely ecstatic about making sure that the students learn and understand each and everything they are taught. The mentors are also there to make sure that there are no gaps in the learning process. The aspect that sets the mentors of IRIOS apart is the very fact that they are determined to make sure that the best possible learning experience is provided by them and they strive to achieve their desired objectives.

Course Material: You will receive Course Reading Material Chapter-wise with attached Question Papers in PDF format, Once you revert with Answers, you will receive the next module ASAP.

Grades: Grades and Marks are based on your answers.

For Queries During the Course: You can Email, Whatsapp, or Call Dr. Kunal Kaushik for all your queries.

Course Completion: You will receive a Completion Certificate once you complete every Course from our Institute.

Course Language: All of Our Courses are available in English and Hindi Language

All our Online Courses are available Worldwide

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